Cotton Bales

Cotton is the staple fiber produced from raw picked cotton from fields.It is the primary raw material for spinning mills all over the world.
Cotton bale is produced by separating cotton from its seeds and pressing it in 160/170 kgs per bale in India.
India and China are major producers of cotton bales with 70 percent of the world’s production.

Our product parameters
Quality- Shankar-6
Staple- 25-29.5 mm
Micronaire- 3.0-4.2
Trash- upto 3 %


Cotton Seeds

Cotton seeds are produced simultaneously with cotton bales at the other end and it constitutes 62-70 % of the raw cotton from the fields.
It is supplied in loose quantity nowadays and also in packed bags upon request by the customers.
Cotton seeds are used for making cotton seed oil cakes,solvent by compressing oil from seeds and hybrid seeds for sowing in the fields.


Cotton Waste

Cotton waste consists of natural cotton seed hulls and cotton dusts.


YP Bales

Bales which is made of short and low grade fibre separated from ginning machine are called YP bales.