The ginning process starts from unloading the lorries of raw cotton arriving from fields directly and big heaps are created by mixing different type of raw cotton according to its parameters with the help of loaders and as per instructions by our skilled manager to achieve the desired or ordered quality.

After the heap is created the loader feeds the raw cotton to feeder boxes which pre cleans and then feed the trolleys running over the D.R ginning machines in the plant according to demand by trolleys and ginning machines by sensor systems.

Ginning machines separates cotton seeds and cotton fiber from raw cotton. Seeds are carried away by screw conveyors and elevators.

While cotton fibers are suctioned through ducting system from each machine turn by turn and is moved to supercleaner which cleans and removes trash and cotton wastes, and the super cleaned cotton is carried away by wide conveyor belt to hydraulic press applying moisture if necessary and then the pressing is done by hydraulic automatic press of the desired weight and is bagged in cotton cloth along with weighing it with the help of bale bagging and weighing machine.

Then it is loaded into containers or lorries with the help of forklift.